Tai Chi is more than a martial art. It has been found to be invaluable in the treatment and prevention of many health issues. Characterized by slow, fluid movements, Tai Chi emphasizes the coordination of the entire body, trunk stabilization, breath control and balance. The relaxed nature of the movements make the art easily adaptable for anyone, of any ability level. Founded on a growing body of empirical evidence and nearly two decades of refinement in a clinical setting, this program emphasizes the movements and postures of Tai Chi, as well as other traditional martial arts and training practices to promote many therapeutic and health-related benefits including stabilization, balance, mobility and flexibility.
    Why are kickboxing classes so popular? Because fighters are great athletes. Why are fighters great athletes? The training. Unlike many group exercise classes, this program emphasizes fighter training. Based on Muay Thai and American-style kickboxing, and coupled with classic and state-of-the-art training concepts, this program is intended to teach anyone the art of stand-up fighting as well as to make fighters of all styles better strikers.
    Self-defense should be simple, practical and effective. Combining strikes, defensive techniques and common-sense, prevention concepts, this self-defense system will aide anyone in developing an awareness of their surroundings, learning how to avoid being vulnerable to attack and developing the ability to defend oneself in the event of an emergency.
    Injury is something that all fighters face. Regardless of the severity, an injury that is not properly treated can delay a fighter's return to the ring or even end a career. This program is designed to properly rehabilitate a fighter's injury to allow for a safe return to training. Beginning with a comprehensive orthopedic and functional evaluation, an individualized rehab program is developed for the fighter. Private and small group sessions are available.
    At its foundation, a true study of the martial arts is a quest for knowledge. This knowledge transcends merely learning to kick and punch; it is about obtaining understanding. Understanding can only be brought about by a balance between philosophy, technique and application. The result of a more than thirty-five year study of the martial arts and based upon the philosophy that to evolve, we must continue to learn, this system is founded in several traditional styles including Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Judo, Muay Thai, Karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Boxing and others. Ranks in this system are earned based on the individual’s progress and merit. Beginners and students of other systems are welcome. Classes are available for adults and children.
    Starting with a comprehensive fitness assessment and functional screen a specialized training program is designed based upon the individual's needs and goals. Private and small group sessions are available.